Our Local Free Range Humans

On average, people spend 90% of their lives indoors. For many, this reality has sparked a growing desire to be closer to nature and explore a lifestyle away from the familiar urban jungle.

The free range fund

The free range fund

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Our local free range humans

Free Range Humans is a docu-series about eight brave pioneers who broke free from the repetitiveness of routine to pursue a more meaningful life away from the usual. Two of these brave pioneers are our very own local heroes – the Black Mermaid and the Seaweed Chef – who have shown what it takes to be a Free Range Human.
Episode 6

The Black Mermaid

Zandile Ndhlovu was raised to fear the ocean, like many other black people in Soweto, Johannesburg. However, unlike many, she leaped into the ocean anyway to try snorkelling. And never felt more alive.

Episode 3

The Seaweed Chef

Roushanna Gray bounced around the restaurant industry in South Africa, never finding her niche. Until one day when she discovered a whole incredible world of edible ingredients just waiting to be found, foraged and made into delicious meals.


The world of free range humans

Episode 1

Sisterhood of Waves

Bruna Alves Bessa knew the deskbound life of a journalist in São Paulo wasn't where she belonged. She belonged amongst crashing waves and courageous women.

Episode 2

Jungle Engineer

Juan Pablo Bueno's life plan was to follow in his father’s and grandfather's footsteps as a chemical engineer. Until he set out on his own path, and wound up engineering a new life for himself, in the remote jungle of La Macarena - 500km from home.

Episode 4

The Ocean Plastic Warrior

Emily Penn was on her way to Melbourne to begin a career as an architect after finishing her degree at one of England’s most prestigious universities. On the 14,000 mile journey to Australia, she found her real calling instead: Ocean plastic pollution prevention.

Episode 5

The Boundless Traveller

Mario Rigby was a world-class athlete with a successful personal trainer business in Toronto, but he still felt like something was missing. So he began to walk, for hours at a time. And found that purposeful travel was what he was looking for all along.

Episode 7

The Wave Breaker

Darci Liu Dan was raised in a traditional family in the mountains of Hubei, China. Her family wanted her to become a ballerina. But when Darci was introduced to surfing, that changed everything - for her, and for surfing history in China

Episode 8

The Underwater Sculptor

Jason deCaires Taylor became like most art college graduates in the UK — an artist with a degree, but no real world purpose. Until one day, when he decided to combine his love for scuba diving with his artistic talent and created works of art with the purpose of saving the world.

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