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Plastic doesn’t belong in paradise


There’s a 84% chance that the plastic you use will end up in the ocean. It’s time to #ProtectParadise. Join Frank Solomon and Corona in creating a #ZeroPlastic footprint for South Africa. This Ocean’s month let’s protect our oceans, beaches and marine life. We all have to play our part in preserving nature because outside is where we live and connect with the best version of ourselves.


Surfing for conservation

Take a journey with professional big wave surfer Frank Solomon from the beaches of Durban to the beautiful blue waters of the mother city of Cape Town as we learn about inspiring stories of people championing the preservation of our coastline. Take the journey with us HERE


Using tech to preserve nature

Every year, about 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean. It's up to brands like us and people like you to change that. Since, you can’t solve a problem you can’t see, we’re going to show you what all of the plastic you use looks like. See your impact by calculating your plastic footprint using our Plastic Reality web app here:


After so long inside, nature has never been this beautiful. Explore the Corona lifestyle through the lens of the Corona feed.